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Download the source here

Project Description
Jump n Roll is a remake of the classic amiga game for windows phone 7, using and XNA. Version 1 is in a working but unfinished state.
Jump n Roll was a classic Amiga public domain game where you controlled a ball that passed over different coloured squares which had different properties such as reversing the balls direction, speeding up the ball, slowing it down etc. This project is taking the same mechanics and applying it to a windows phone game using XNA. I've uploaded the source which is fully working and contains a few levels that are stored in BMP format, the colours on the level have to be precise and the properties are as follows

#ff0000 slow down
#00ff00 stuck
#000000 hole of death
#0000ff forced jump
#f600f6 reverse direction
#ffff00 speed up
#ffffff #808080 #f5cf92 #64502d normal platform

The user has a limited number of jumps as well as limited time per level, this is stored in LevelInfo.xml

The project isn't finished since it needs high scores, music, additional levels, options etc, but the basics are there for anyone wanting to add items or learn some of the XNA Basics.

Please note this is my first project in XNA and for Windows Phone 7 so you'll have to forgive the state of the code and anything I've implemented incorrectly.

And now some screen shots

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